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The Five Best Ways to Noodle Around

Posted by loringaudin on September 6, 2013

This may be news to your New Orleans Italian Maw-Maw, but hand-pulling noodles has become hip. Whether chefs use unique flours like rye to bolster their pasta, or amp up their flavor-packed broths for soup, diners in the Crescent City have more ways than ever to slurp sensational noodles.

Ralph’s on the Park and Sainte Marie - Chip Flanagan and Kristen Essig, chefs from each restaurant, respectively, have re-imagined the New Orleans hangover-busting soup known as “Old Sober” or Yakamein. In lieu of the simple standard, the chefs simmer deep, dark broths studded with fine cuts of meat and dense, filling noodles.

Lucky Rooster – Chef Neil Swidler has a great crew in the kitchen and a smart, satisfying Asian-inflected menu. There are quite a few noodle dishes to devour, but the Curry Noodle Salad with grilled lemongrass beef, spicy basil noodles, crisp shallots and peanut sauce, is a “bell-ringer.” (Listen to the sounds the chefs use to call staff to the kitchen, and you’ll get it.)

Banana Blossom - Across the river, this true hidden gem stands out for Thai food, allowing diners to add fried oysters and soft shell crab to any noodle dish. The sweet tanginess of tamarind-laced Pad Thai is an incredible foil for the crisp, golden seafood.

La Petite Grocery – Chef Justin Devillier’s jaw-droppingly delicious noodle dishes change on a whim. Right now, twirl your fork into Bucatini with Collard Greens, Lamb Belly and Cornichons, or scoop up Baked Macaroni with Pecorino Pepato and Cornbread Crumbs.

Horinoya - New Orleans is still hot, so opt for the cooling Zaru Soba, with earthy buckwheat noodles plated in a fist-sized tangle atop a woven plate. The cool dashi broth is ideal for noodle-dunking, especially with condiments (scallions, sheared ginger and spices) alongside.

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