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Demand for King Cakes Grows Along With Interest in New Orleans

Travis M. Andrews @travismandrews March 7, 2014

The New World was founded on the basis of abolishing monarchy, yet one still exists near the mouth of the Mississippi River. Every year when Carnival overtakes New Orleans, the kings and queens of its celebratory krewes parade through the city, aiding their merriment with heaping portions of ritual foods.

Essential to the festive spread is the multi-colored, cinnamon-laced doughy round known as king cake, which takes it name from King’s Day, which begins Carnival. Glazed with white icing and decorated with purple, green and gold granulated sugar, the sweet cake with a figurine of a baby baked inside is the only proper way to end a meal during the 28 to 63 days (depending on the Catholic calendar) of Carnival season. “A king cake is probably the one item on every table during Mardi Gras,” says Ralph Brennan, the owner of several New Orleans restaurants.

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