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Top 10 Foodie Cities in the United States

Whether you’re planning a vacation or trying to decide where to open your next restaurant, these ten cities are perfect destinations for food lovers. We’re counting down the best food cities in America based on uniqueness, culture, and creativity, so you can see where your city ranks, or simply draw inspiration from others.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is known for its diverse culture, jazz music, and active night life. But perhaps an even better reason to visit the Big Easy is a chance to sample the truly unique cuisine that the city has to offer. French, Spanish, and African influences combine in Creole favorites such as turtle soup and jambalaya. Cajun food incorporates French and American South influences to create dishes like gumbo. Not to mention NOLA’s adult beverage scene, famous for its innovative mixed drinks including the Sazerac, a whiskey cocktail native to the region. Check out Ralph’s on the Park for both New Orleans classics and more unique options, or Antoine’s for a taste of the city’s fine dining.

The United States is packed with cities and towns that are devoted to serving up great food, but these ten are truly exceptional. Don’t worry if your city didn’t make the list; with the way the food industry is constantly evolving, your city could end up being the next Portland. If not, at least you have ten new cities to check out!

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