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Chef Chip Flanagan's Scotch Egg Featured on Tasting Table

TASTING TABLE Tue. 04 Aug '09 Egg Hunt: Chefs reinvent a decadent bar snack What could possibly turn the Scotch egg--a cooked egg wrapped in sausage and bread crumbs, then deep-fried--into an even more decadent dish? A bunch of bar food-obsessed chefs, who are upping the ante by draping eggs in everything from boudin to caviar. "Scotch eggs are such wonderfully horrible, delicious things," says Chip Flanagan, the chef at Ralph's on the Park in New Orleans, who just debuted a Cajun-inspired adaptation (pictured). He soft-boils the egg so the yolk stays runny, then wraps it in boudin--the iconic Cajun pork-and-rice sausage--before frying it and serving it over a salad dressed with pepper-jelly vinaigrette, which mixes with the yolk to create a sublime dressing. The result is a brilliant riff not only on Scotch eggs, but also on Louisiana's famous deep-fried boudin balls. Click the link below for the full Tasting Table Dining Article

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