Tour: Murals


The first event was “The Tenth Grand Festival and Fete Champetre”, hosted by Fernand Alciatore when he operated the business as A La Renaissance des Chenes Verts in the late 1800’s. Alciatore, enchanted with City Park, served a memorable feast outside under the Oaks accompanied by a live orchestra, speeches, comedy routines and a grand fireworks display. Prominent city and society leaders attended this momentous occasion.

The second event was “The Ball of the Two Well Known Gentlemen” hosted annually by the longtime proprietor of the building, Frank LaMothe during the Storyville era. The Masquerade Ball was traditionally intended for the ‘Fancy Ladies’ of Storyville and their society gentlemen callers; however, society wives, fascinated with the Fancy Ladies, begged tickets from their husbands to attend. The resentful fancy ladies arranged for the Police to raid the Ball to inspect for heath cards. The society ladies, having no such card, were unmasked and sent home red with embarrassment.

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Tour: Murals


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